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Individuals and organizations can both become Partners of the Relational Thinking Network.

Individual Partners

You can become a Partner of Relational Thinking either as an individual or as a representative of your family.

As a Partner you help to build the Relational movement, as we extend the network to more countries, more sectors, and more organizations like companies, schools, hospitals and political parties. In joining the Network you also have:

  • Priority information on latest postings, resources and events.
  • The opportunity to explore how to implement Relational Thinking in your field.
  • Access to our developing list of online resources. Access to our Annual Conference, as well as all Regional, National and Professional Network Conferences.
  • Access to training events.
  • The opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

Our annual subscription fee for Partners is just 30 CHF (we use Swiss Francs because we are an international organization based in Switzerland).

If you are a student, unemployed, or on a limited income (including being a citizen of a Low Income Country), you can sign up for 20 CHF.

To pay in Pounds Sterling to our UK account (20 GBP  with concessions at minimum 13 GBP), please select Direct Bank Transfer at the bottom of the checkout page.




Organizational Partners

We welcome organizations to the Relational Thinking movement. Partner organizations agree with our goals and make use of our ideas and services.

Our organizational Partners play an important role in implementing Relational Thinking.  They have access to all the facilities enjoyed by individual Partners.  In addition, as a Partner organization you can:

  • Have a link to your website on this site.
  • Describe your organization as a Partner of the Relational Thinking Network.
  • Carry the Relational Thinking logo on your website and other communications.

For organizations, the annual fee structure is as follows (all prices in Swiss Francs):

No. of staff (FTE) Commercial Public Sector Non-profit
1-9 200 150 100
10-49 500 350 250
50-500 1,000 700 500
500+ 5,000 2,000 1,250






For any questions about joining Relational Thinking, please use this form to contact Josh Hemmings at our office.


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If the major part of your organization’s activities are concerned with Relational Thinking, and if your organization agrees with our goals and values, and wants to be part of the core team of organizations pushing Relational Thinking forward, why not consider applying to join as a Member? Just contact us using this form and we will get in touch with you. Please note that all applications for Organizational Membership must be considered by our executive committee and that acceptance is not guaranteed.